Michigan Cottage Law Q&A

Thinking about your vacation property should conjure up thoughts of happy summers, running children, good food, and relaxation. And hopefully, it does. But there comes a time when we turn our thoughts to the future. What thoughts and memories will the next generation hold when they think about your cottage? For too many, the passage of time brings problems. Increasing values will make the property… Read More
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What is Probate and do I want to avoid it?

We often encounter clients that are afraid of probate. This can be for good reason: sometimes a probate process is filled with stress and infighting, or court troubles over access to an asset. But it isn’t always like that. And if there is a chance that it could get that way for you, it is easy to avoid. What is the Probate Process? The word “probate” refers the court system that handles the… Read More
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