In 2000, the communities of Plainfield, Cannon, Courtland, Alpine and the City of Rockford were engaged in a fight with the City of Grand Rapids. The issue was the scheme by Grand Rapids to implement an onerous surcharge on those communities related to sewage treatment. It was Neil Blakeslee who led the effort to form the North Kent Sewer Authority. Under Neil’s uncompromising leadership, the NKSA was born. Today, it is a nationally a recognized facility that allows our communities to develop as we see fit; without undue influence from Grand Rapids or any other outside entity. Everyone who lives, works or visits our communities owes a debt of gratitude to Neil Blakeslee.

– Steve Grimm, Chairman North Kent Sewer Authority

I recommend Blakeslee Rop, PLC. They are professional and very responsive. I enjoyed working with Jason.

Jason is very knowledgeable on a variety of subjects. The staff is always pleasant and helpful.

– M.F.

Very helpful and informative. [I] would recommend them highly.

– R.M.
Thank-you Jason for helping us settle the estate of Marion's mother. There were several accounts in a trust, which we were having trouble gaining access to. Jason efficiently and expertly handled the problems. He kept us informed, and was very patient with our questions. The situation was completely resolved to our satisfaction. Thank-you again Jason!
– Bruce and Marion De Haan
When we were looking for an attorney to create our trust it was confusing. Some wanted to base the fee on our income or our assets. Some had one form that was to “do all” Mr. Rop was willing to meet with me for a set fee, yet create the trust we needed. He also said anytime we had a question or a need regarding the trust I could speak to him inclusive of the fee. That was very comforting. I feel he is knowledgeable and thoughtful in his dealings with his clients and have and will refer him to anyone asking me for advice on a trust lawyer.
– Sam Hyer