Blakeslee Rop Attorneys Proudly Serve the Rockford Community

The vitality and strength of a community is dependent on the willingness of its members to put forth the time and resources necessary to achieve the community's goals and create opportunities for all its members to thrive.

The Rockford attorneys at Blakeslee Rop, PLC believe strongly in each person's responsibility to contribute to the health and growth of their community and are committed to enhancing the quality of life in Rockford through the investment of their time and resources. Both Neil C. Blakeslee and Jason M. Rop are actively involved in leadership positions within the community, serving where their skills and experience best benefit residents of the Rockford area.

The Blakeslee name is well known throughout the community for the family's long-standing tradition of community leadership and involvement, and, having served as both mayor and city council member for the City of Rockford as well as numerous other positions, Neil Blakeslee is no exception. A Rockford resident since 2008 and a native of West Michigan, Mr. Rop has a growing reputation for leadership within the Rockford community, volunteering his skill and experience in many roles, including active contributions as a member of the Board of Directors for the Rockford Chamber of Commerce.

Blakeslee Rop Attorneys — Roles and Contributions within the Community:

Neil C. Blakeslee

  • Lifelong resident of Rockford
  • Local business owner since 1981
  • Rockford City Council member for 14 years
  • Mayor of the City of Rockford, four years
  • City of Rockford Economic Development Committee, current active member & chair
  • Rockford Rotary
  • Rockford Area Community Endowment
  • Independent Bank West Michigan, former director
  • North Kent Community Services, former director
  • Vietnam Veteran

Jason M. Rop

  • Born and raised in West Michigan
  • Locally based law practice since 2008
  • Rockford Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors, active member
  • North Kent Community Services, Board of Directors, former member

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Mr. Blakeslee's and Mr. Rop's significant involvement in the community's leadership and civic organizations give them a unique perspective into the needs and issues faced by residents of the Rockford area. They have an in-depth understanding of what is important to the people of Rockford, their goals and ambitions, and how they like to have matters resolved when legal issues arise. This enables Mr. Blakeslee and Mr. Rop to identify the legal solutions that will best serve their clients and approach their cases in a practical, cost-effective way.

Do you live or do business in Rockford, Michigan? When you have a legal issue, hire the Rockford attorneys who achieve no-nonsense results and gain the peace of mind and confidence that comes from working with an attorney who understands you. Utilizing Blakeslee Rop services is also an investment in the Rockford community as your patronage supports the firm's involvement in and contributions to community organizations.

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