Blakeslee Rop Provides a Full Line of Legal Services to Meet the Needs of Rockford Area Residents and Businesses

Cost-effective, dependable solutions for your legal needs — whatever they might be. That's the promise of Blakeslee Rop. Get the advantage of more than 30 years of legal experience in a diverse array of legal services.

Real Estate Law
From residential purchase contracts to commercial real estate development, Blakeslee Rop can assist with all manner of real estate transactions. Put our experience to work on contract writing, negotiating terms, structuring deals and agreements, creating easements, litigating disputes and all other residential and commercial real estate needs.

Estate Planning
Make sure your savings, investments, home and other hard-earned assets go to the loved ones you intend after you're gone. Estate planning tools from Blakeslee Rop keep ensure your directions are carried out and keep assets safe from creditors, taxes and hefty probate fees. Get help with wills, living wills and healthcare directives, trusts, living trusts, trusts for minors or individuals with special needs, strategies for avoiding probate, asset protection plans, and estate tax avoidance plans.

Probate Law & Estate Administration
Probate proceedings, execution of wills and estate administration go more smoothly and with less chance of errors or conflicts when a Blakeslee Rop attorney is involved. We can assist with trust administration, identifying and locating assets and heirs, and ensure records are kept properly for probate court, tax filings and other legal requirements. Our attorneys can handle any aspect of estate administration and probate.

Business Law & Business Formation
Whether you're starting a new business and need help with business formation and incorporation and other start-up concerns or run a mature and growing business requiring help with employment contracts, agreements, and other business needs, Blakeslee Rop has cost-efficient business law services to meet your needs. Utilize our business advisory services to take advantage of growth opportunities while minimizing risk and make smart business decisions you can put your confidence in.

Cottage Law

Take advantage of our more than 30 years of law experience and solve your legal issues effectively and affordably. Call our Rockford office today and speak to an attorney: (616) 866-9593.

Don't See the Legal Services You're Looking For? Let Us Help You Find a West Michigan Attorney that Fits the Bill

In addition to the extensive experience of our in-house attorneys, Blakeslee Rop maintains an extensive referral network of attorneys throughout West Michigan and can help you identify a reputable and dependable attorney serving other practice areas or specialty areas when that is the best solution to your legal needs.