Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean "More than Law"?

We want to be "more than law" to our clients. We want to provide you with excellent legal service, but not just that; we counsel our clients. The obvious move and the smart move are not always the same thing. Or taking legal action now might take a back seat to practical steps that put you in a better position for later. So when we say we're "more than law" we mean that we take the whole situation, and the uniqueness of the client into account when working with you on a solution to whatever brings you to us.

What do you charge?

Some of our work is done at an hourly rate. Other work is done on a fixed fee basis. For specifics, look at the web page for the kind of work you want us to do.

You might find someone cheaper. You'll definitely find lots of people more expensive. But we believe you won't find a better value.

I've never hired a lawyer before... How should I do it?

Give us a call, or email us. There is usually an attorney available to talk about your issue briefly, see if we can help you, and get things started if we can. If we can't talk to you when you call, our staff can set up a time to meet, either in our office, or by phone.

Do you offer a free consultation?

If you call us with a question or problem that we can probably help with, we'll be happy to talk briefly about how (and whether) we can help. When it comes to concrete advice tailored to your situation, we believe such advice has value, and we charge for it.