Firm Overview

Our community is full of practical and sensible folk who want legal solutions they can depend on. Blakeslee Rop provides broad array of legal services that are just as practical and sensible as the people we serve while getting the results they need. Whether assisting local businesses with contracts and transactions or helping families with a lawsuit, estate needs or an unfortunate run-in with the law, our no-nonsense approach to legal services means our clients get the best results possible without all the extras they don't need and extra fees they can't afford.

Blakeslee Rop attorneys are competent and experienced in a diverse array of legal practices, and have been faithfully serving our community since 1981. Our goal is to fully meet the needs of each and every client. We achieve this by making sure each client understands the legal issues at hand and what their options are and then developing effective legal strategies they can put their confidence in.

Legal services provided by Blakeslee Rop include:

Locally Invested and Community Oriented

Attorneys Jason M. Rop, Kary Frank, and Neil C. Blakeslee are heavily invested in the community, committing both their time and their resources to making it the best it can be. They serve in public leadership positions, on non-profit board, and contribute regularly to local causes. As a former mayor and city council member for the City of Rockford, Mr. Blakeslee upholds a long-standing family tradition of community involvement and contributions and was born and raised in Rockford. Likewise, Mr. Rop is also a native of West Michigan and has a reputation for community leadership.

Because of their involvement in the Rockford community, our attorneys have an in-depth understanding of the area's people, the issues that affect them and the legal needs they have. Services provided by our firm are tailored to meet those needs and get the best results possible.

Our clients appreciate the results we achieve and the peace of mind and confidence they get from working with attorneys who understand them. They also appreciate our attorneys' commitment to community and that using Blakeslee Rop services supports the firm's involvement in and contributions to the community.

Find out more about why our clients appreciate Blakeslee Rop on our Why Choose Us and Testimonials pages.

How Can the Rockford Law Firm of Blakeslee Rop Help You?

If you need help with a legal issue or just have a question about a legal matter, we invite you to give us a call. We'll be happy to sit down with your and help you understand your situation and help you decide on a course of action. Legal fees may vary depending on your needs and the time required, but we always have an affordable, cost-effective payment arrangement available to ensure your legal needs get met. Call our Rockford attorneys today at (616) 866-9593.