Cottage Law

cottageLaw_051013_TravMag2_b copyThe family cottage -- just the mention of it brings memories many good times, magical years gone by, and special loved ones who have made it all possible. It's part of your heritage. As one generation passes to the next, you may have questions about how to pass the family cottage along as well. And as families grow, more and more people want to use the cottage. How do you manage that fairly?

So much is at stake: Family relationships, emotions, money, value perceptions, ownership responsibilities. And of course, property taxes and the possible "uncapping" of taxable value according to Michigan law, when cottage ownership changes hands.

Jason Rop and Blakeslee Rop PLC can help. Jason knows the law. He also understands the dynamics of family, and the many important issues that require careful thought and planning. In fact, family tension about passing on a cottage and how to govern its use is in his own family background.

Blakeslee Rop can help you to prepare and execute the tailored plan you need, to make sure your family cottage is preserved and passed forward as you wish.

Cottage law is a specialized area of practice. Call or email Jason Rop. Ask him to brainstorm with you. You'll find good counseling and advice, from a deep background of experience and cottage law resources.